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A Political Space for the Rest of Us


The goal of Majority in the Middle is to make our political and civic culture better,
by identifying ways that partisanship and division has become the norm.

We’re asking a lot of questions about WHY things are the way they are;
we’re looking for places where division exists and wondering if it needs to;
and we’re hosting a space for people who are interested in politics to gather, in the middle,
without blame for being on one side or the other,
and without being asked to give up their own beliefs and priorities. 

If you don't feel comfortable on the political extremes, this may be the place for you. Welcome. 


We believe that there is no singular answer, project, initiative, organization —
there are many meaningful ways each of us can be a part
and every little bit helps when it comes to making our political experience a little better. 

Have an idea?
Know of a group doing good work? Want to write a think piece for our blog?
Reach out and let us know.

Want to introduce us to others?
Follow us on social media and share with your networks.

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