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2022 Goals

Increase brand awareness of the organization

  • Double followers on our social media accounts

    • Facebook (goal number 848)​

    • Twitter (goal number 1014)

    • LinkedIn (goal number 820)

    • Youtube (goal number 32/100)

  • Double newsletter subscribers (goal number 558)

  • One earned media mention per quarter 

  • One post on each of our social media channels per week


Host an average of two eMerging Ideas or Civic Conversation events per month.

  • Double the average number of attendees at events. 

  • Post recordings of all events to Youtube page

  • Create a couple of short promo videos


Promote one idea campaign. 


Promote one piece of legislation or regulatory change. 


Increase fundraising

  • Double the number of individual donors. (goal number 80)

  • Double the amount raised from individual donors.

  • Connect with six institutional funders. 

  • Apply for one institutional or philanthropic grant. 

something committees fill out membership

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