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Writing on Glass

We're working on six things at the moment:

  1. Scoping the landscape. Identifying issues ("problems") that are negatively affecting our civic and political culture. See the Problems page for the list. 

  2. Connecting with other organizations who already have experience and track records with certain issues. It's a waste of time to replicate things that other groups are doing, especially if they're seeing results. There's plenty of work to go around.

  3. Talking to people. We're having conversations with current and former elected officials, people who identify as party members, and people who don't describe themselves as a member of any particular group. (We're also looking for people who hate politics or are completely fed up and have checked out, and those seem to be the hardest to reach, so if that's you or someone you know, please connect!)

  4. Hosting events! We're gathering subject matter experts - thinkers and doers - to talk about where polarization lives in their spaces. And asking what we can do to make those spaces better for cooperation. 

  5. Combining all of that work into an actionable, realistic, SMART-goal guided list of projects or initiatives we can advance. We'll share as soon as that list is available!

  6. Fundraising! Structural change costs money, and time, and can't be done without real people to do the work. If you can contribute, please click on the link below!

If you have thoughts or want to get involved, please send us an e-mail.

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